Act for the preservation of bees

Bees play a much more important role than it seems in our ecosystem: they alone pollinate 80% of all flowering plants on a planetary scale. Their pollination is essential for the cultivation of many fruits and vegetables. We owe 35% of our food to bees!

For the period from 01/01/2022 to 30/05/2024
Vous avez contribué au parrainage de 2 376 607 bee(s)

We have chosen L'abeille du Mont, a local partner, an actor in the preservation of bees for our BEE ACTING action. L'Abeille du Mont is a farm in the Lille region specializing in beekeeping and the production of new swarms. This family of enthusiasts practices transhumance across France in order to create different monofloral honeys.

BEE ACTING is our programme to fight for the survival of bees by sponsoring bees every time our customers buy a litre of product.

Since 2013, 1L sold = 1 bee sponsored.

This operation allows our customers to claim products that show a real commitment to the environment. The operation is indicated on the products by the presence of the BEE ACTING logo. 
Since the launch of the operation, thanks to our customers, we have sponsored more than 11,223,077 bees (data from 31/12/2021)!