The prices indicated on this tariff are in Euros excluding tax per unit. This rate can be sent to you in excel format.


The difference between the "parcel" (mixed pallet) price and the "full pallet" (homogeneous pallet) price is due to preparation work.
These prices are free of charge from 750 euros HT.
Below this amount of 750 euros HT, actual shipping costs will be added.

This applies to orders with pricing conditions of 1 à 3 pallets.
For export, delivery costs are confirmed during order validation.


Packages and weights are available on our website www.promer.fr.
Each reference carries a batch number on the label and on the carton, allowing full traceability of our production.
Branded products: free personalization of our branded labels, according to the conditions defined in our specifications. Labels available on request with a batch number from one pallet.
We can study any packaging not included in our catalog.


Product personalization is carried out using high-resolution labels (with a few exceptions), and is offered free of charge only for purchases by the pallet.
We send a proof for each branded creation, which must be checked and signed before the article is validated.
Although we carefully check all regulatory aspects, we decline all responsibility for any marketing errors that may be made. It is the customer's responsibility to check the proof carefully before validating it.
Product customization also includes regulatory monitoring, which our company takes full responsibility for, administrative procedures (INRS, MEDAD, etc.), customization of sales aids (demonstration products), brochures, catalogs.... All products are designed according to a process certified ISO 9001 (general organization), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 45001 (health and safety) and sustainable cleaning charter (/www.sustainable-cleaning.com). As such, your products, even customized ones, are eligible for these labels.
If our product is packaged by our customer, we can check the regulatory aspects of the documents he issues (as he is fully responsible for marketing).


Délai de livraison: au maximum 7 jours départ usine, pour toute commande enregistrée avant 12h00.
Nous nous engageons à respecter les délais de livraison demandés, à défaut de délai demandé, notre délai contractuel. Si ce délai n'était pas
réalisable, nous négocierons un nouveau délai dans le meilleur intérêt de nos entreprises.
Pour la première commande d'un produit à marque, le délai de 7 jours ouvrés commence à compter de la réception du bon à tirer de
l'étiquette signée.
Les livraisons s'effectuent sur palette EUR 80x120 échangées ou facturées 12.41 EUR
Gestion des GRV :
Sur les devis et confirmation de commande, le prix du GRV vide n'apparait pas. Vous ne payez donc pas l'emballage dans le prix du produit et cela participe à notre opération 0 plastique.
Procédure de retour :
Avec notre transport interne pour les départements du nord et Paris, vous pouvez le rendre à chaque livraison.
Avec un transporteur pour les autres départements, ils assurent le transport retour si ils sont regroupés par 4.
Si ils sont échangés lors de la livraison, il n'y a pas de facturation.
Si ils ne sont pas échangés lors de la livraison, ils sont facturés 110 euros ou 150 euros si ils sont ADR.
Ils seront remboursés dès restitution (attention nous reprenons que notre GRV vide et en bon état général).


ATTENTION: certains de nos produits sont soumis à la taxe générale sur les activités polluantes (TGAP par ex: liquide vaisselle, lessive,...). Vous pouvez identifier les articles concernés par la TGAP grâce à la mention "TGAP teneur en phosphate inférieur à 5%" ou "TGAP teneur en phosphate entre 5 et 30%" indiquée dans la description de l'article.
TGAP applicable après le 01/06/2024
- TGAP teneur en phosphate inférieur à 5% : 48.46 Euros / tonne
- TGAP teneur en phosphate entre 5% et 30% : 208.79 Euros / tonne



All orders are subject to our writing acceptance, the sale was finally concluded that once this condition is fulfiled.


Our goods delivered in France always travel at the purchaser's risk, whatever the conditions of sale and mode of transport; the transfer of risk occurs as soon as the goods are handed over to the carriers.
In the event of delay, damage or shortages, the purchaser must safeguard his rights vis-à-vis the carrier in accordance with the provisions of articles 105 et seq. of the French Commercial Code. For international sales, our shipments are governed by the Incoterms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (latest edition).
In accordance with French law 85-98 of January 25, 1985, we reserve ownership of the goods until full payment has been received.
For the use of our products, it is the responsibility of our customers to inform themselves of the regulations in force in the countries concerned and to comply strictly with them.


Our guarantee is limited to replacement of defective products delivered and for which we claim is made within 10 days free at the latest of their receipt.


Any case of force majeure or fortuitous accident that directly or indirectly affect our sales cancels our obligations or suspends execution without compensation or notice. Is considered fortuitous accident while new event or situation that would make it impossible or too expensive for the seller execution of sale including strike, lockout, flood, shortage of raw materials or means of transport, and any event bringing the effect of changing the economic foundations of the market.


In the absence of specific clauses, our sales are invoiced at our conditions of the day of delivery.
In the event of any event likely to jeopardize the collection of our receivables (loan, seizure, mortgage, pledge, etc.), our company reserves the right to suspend deliveries still to be carried out. In addition, invoices not yet due become payable by operation of law 8 days after formal notice has been given by registered letter.


For all first orders, payment will be made on the basis of a pro forma invoice prior to delivery.
Unless otherwise stipulated, all invoices are payable within 30 days of the date of dispatch, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. Any sum unpaid on the due date shall automatically incur, without notice of default, 3 times the legal interest rate + 2 points, plus taxes.


All disputes regarding our sales are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of our head office, even in cases of multiple defendants or introduction of third parties and whatever the method of payment and shipping accepted. No objection in writing within 8 days after the final conclusion of the contract, or the management of the product if it occurs before, the buyer is deemed to have accepted without reservation our terms of sale.

Sample letter in the event of damage or shortages upon receipt of goods.

Reservations must be made with the carrier (not the forwarding agent) by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours, with a copy to our company.

Confirmation - Reservations - Delivery:
We hereby confirm the reservations made, on behalf of our company, on delivery of ............................................................ by your truck, registered .............................................................. Loading (number of pallets, number of bags, type of product). Total weight ................................................................. Damage or shortages ........................................................

We hereby assign to our company our rights against your company for reimbursement of the above-mentioned damage.

Yours faithfully .........................................................