Acting on our energy performance

Since 2007 we have been acting on our own scale on the energy performance of our factory. We have thus halved our energy consumption, and we have divided our carbon footprint by 7. We have already reduced it to the average carbon footprint of a family of 4 and we will not stop there. These efforts have been certified by the ISO 50001 standard since 2016.

We have broadened our scope of action which no longer only concerns our building (renovation, insulation and installation of solar panels...) but also the transport of our goods (optimized transport, trucks running on ethanol... ), manufacturing (recovery of rainwater for manufacturing, development of Eco-certified formulas, choice of raw materials of plant origin, etc.), packaging (reduction of packaging weight, packaging recovery system, etc.). .) More information on the ecological transition of the SODALIA group:

Ecological transition of the SODALIA group