Act for the multiplication of trees

Trees play a vital role for humans as well as for many animal species. Thanks to them, we can live in a purified atmosphere. Indeed, a tree is capable of absorbing 10kg of CO2 per year, which is not negligible given the current situation which is getting worse day by day: 400 million tonnes are released into the atmosphere in France each year. To make matters worse, the deforestation we hear so much about is responsible for 20% of these CO2 emissions.

TREE ACTING is our reforestation programme: 

Since 2013, 1000L sold = 1 tree planted. 

This allows our customers to claim products that demonstrate a genuine commitment to the environment. The operation is indicated on the products by the TREE ACTING logo. 
Since the beginning of the operation, thanks to our customers, we have planted more than 12,137 trees (data from 31/12/2021)!

For the period from 01/01/2018 to 30/05/2024
Vous avez contribué à la plantation de 5 402 tree(s)

Planet Urgence is an international NGO which acts for the protection of the environment. It implements various projects to fight against deforestation and more broadly the destruction of ecosystems. This involves reforestation and environmental awareness actions.